Tableau as a Container and as PowerPoint replacement

Often I used small Tableau workbooks instead of PowerPoint, which are proving at least 2 concepts:

  • Tableau can be used as the Web or Desktop Container for Multiple Data Visualizations (it can be used to build a hierarchical Container Structures with more then 3 levels; currently 3: Container-Workbooks-Views)
  • It can be used as the replacement for PowerPoint; in example I embedded into this Container 2 Tableau Workbooks, one Google-based Data Visualization, 3 image-based Slides and Textual Slide:
  • Tableau is better then PowerPoint for Presentations and Slides
  • Tableau is the Desktop and the Web Container for Web Pages, Slides, Images, Texts
  • Tableau is a Container for Tableau-based Data Visualizations
  • Sample Tableau Presentation above contains Introductory Textual Slide
  • Sample Tableau Presentation above  contains a few Tableau Visualization:
    • DrillDown Demo


    • Motion Chart Demo ( 6 dimensions: X,Y, Shape, Color, Size, Motion in Time)


  • This Tableau Presentation contains a Web Page with Google-based Motion Chart Demo
  • This Tableau Presentation contains a few Image-based Slides:
    • Quick Description of Origins and Evolution of Software and Tools used for Data Visualizations during last 30+ years
    • Description of Multi-level Projection from Multidimensional Data Cloud to Datasets, Multidimensional Cubes and to Chart
    • Description of 6 stages of Software Development Life Cycle for Data Visualizations