Reading Pointers 12/12

(can you answer on the eternal question: to read or to write?)

Minard redone in Tableau (stupidity of french generals was the main reason, not a temperature, sorry Minard):

Data Visualization course from Stanford University (Jeffrey Heer):

Yes, Tableau plans IPO:

Tableau Training Resources:

Some Tableau blogs:

Discrete/blue and Continuous/green Fields in Tableau:

Build Network Graphs in Tableau.

Python Tableau Data Extract API.

Tableau Digest for 11/12 by Andy Cotgreave:


Richard Leeke’s Super-Charged ZIP Code Radius-Finder:

Partitioning by Table Calculations:

Tableau Forums Digest Weekly #4, #3 and #2

This video describes connecting to Google Analytics in Tableau then blending in data from an Excel file to understand what events are driving web traffic.

Connecting to Google Analytics in Tableau